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Purpose: Make a consistent Feature Model based on ISO 19109 standards

Origional Purpose: Enchance Feature Model to near GML3 levels

The goal of this work is to provide:

  • Enchancements to the Feature API
  • a clear guideline for mapping between GML and GeoAPI models
  • support community iteroperability (yes that is always the goal)

Current Picture

Please review the GeoAPI javadocs actual details details and discussion:

(If these are not up todate you may also check out svn directly):


Feature Model (aka ISO 19109)

Naming (aka ISO 19103)



  • expanded to include Associations and Opperations
  • simple Name and Namespace implementation based on ISO 19103

Feburary - first cut at feature model interfaces

  • limited to Attribute, GeometryAttribute, Complex, Feature and FeatureCollection

January 13th - first changes to codebase

  • Filter and Expression now work against Object
  • FeatureCollection supports Filter 1.1 SortBy oppreation
  • FilterFactory2 allowing non explicit use of SFSQL Geometry
  • A formal GeoTools branch has been started against these changes

What to Expect

Based on IRC meetings with the GeoTools project both teams agreed to seek a common goal, and code will break on both sides. We will attempt to make a SimpleFeature/SimpleFeatureType subclass with access based on fixed order of attribtues, and string based lookup as origional provided in GeoAPI and GeoTools.

However code will break. How bad can it get?

  • Scope of Proposed Changes - This is a "quick and dirty" indication of what will be broken, for the intended target please explore the links above.
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