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GeoBatch site content is under development


GeoBatch is an event-based geospatial aware batch processing system to ease the development, the deploy, and the management of jobs on streams of geospatial data. GeoBatch provides basic components for the collection, processing and publication of data to external applications like the GeoServer framework.


Flow Manager

  • A batch job in GeoBatch is an XML configuration file called "flow".
  • Each flow consists of three sections: a descriptive part, a second one which is dedicated to data streams monitoring (eventGeneratorConfiguration) and the final one which is devoted to recognition of particular files within a stream, its elaboration and final pubblication (eventConsumerConfiguration).

Job Execution and Management

  • A simple web application can be used to launch jobs, view the list, check the status, start, stop or dispose
  • Flow can start automatically on application server startup.


  • A range of preconfigured flows is available. They show the different components available and how they can be assembled into sample flows.

Download, Build and Run


To download the GeoBatch source code make a fresh checkout from

svn co


To build the code you need Maven2 configured and installed on your pc.

If you want to compile GeoBatch for using the XStream DAO run the command:

mvn clean install -Dallow.test.failure.ignore -P dao.xstream

If you want to compile IE for using the JiBX DAO run the command:

mvn clean install -Dallow.test.failure.ignore -P dao.jibx

To import the projects into Eclipse, run the command:

mvn eclipse:clean eclipse:eclipse -P dao.{xstream or jibx}

Notice that as of now the jibx bindings are not fully functional hence we recommend our developers to use the xstream profile for the file based DAO mechanism.


To run the web interface with Jetty, run the command:

mvn jetty:run

When Jetty is started point your browser to http://localhost:8080/geobatch/

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