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Congrats to Martin, Corey and Jody all of which have significant work appearing in this release.

New in this Release

New with this releaes is a Maven 2 repository: users can refer to it for automatic download of Geotools JAR and dependencies in their Maven 2 projects!

Also new in this releaes is Filter 1.1 interfaces for sorting, FeatureCollection has obtained two new methods:

  • sort( SortBy order ): FeatureList
  • subCollection( Filter ): FeatureCollection

This release has also seen a vast improvement in the performance of the aggregate functions used by color brewer to generate styles based on your FeatureCollections.

Help us Help You!

This release is the first one build with Maven 2 instead of Maven 1. It may have some issues like forgotten dependencies. Please let us know any such issues you may encounter. We will try to fix any reported build-related issues for 2.2 final.

Issue Tracker:

We need volunteers to:

  • make a release anouncement
  • upload to source forge
  • make a src release (this is a great oppertunity for someone to explore maven 2)

For more information on making a releaes please visit this page:

RnD Report

This represents the conclusion of the following RnD branches:

This is a release candidate, there is no scheduled RnD work remaining during the 2.2 timeline. We are clearing the decks to make way for improvments ot the Feature Model (aka Community Schema ) over the course of GeoTools 2.3.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work.

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