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0) what is up
1) chat

Action Items:
0) 2.5-M4 tag created; to be released this week
1) 2.4.x to be released this week for GeoServer
2) 2.2.x to be released (pending one bug fix) for uDig
3) SE patch to arrive this week Eclesia will send email

jgarnett* good morning
jgarnett I am still wonder if the meeting time is now .. or in an hour (smile)
vheurteaux hello jgarnett it's now
joined #geotools
jgarnett oh okay
jgarnett Morning Eclesia, aaime etc...
jgarnett let us start the meeting
Eclesia hi jgarnett
jgarnett (we are on holiday's here in Canada; so attendance from Refractions will be light)
aaime ops right it's Monday
jgarnett agenda topics
jgarnett aaime I feel a bit thrown around on the 2.4.x release schedule; can I ask you for an update in todays meeting?
aaime I have no topics for the meeting, the only topic I need an update for was sent to the ml
jgarnett looking for it ...
jgarnett what was it on?
jgarnett A WHERE 1=1 ?
jgarnett okay I can respond to that email.
aaime jgarnett, yes, that one
jgarnett gabriel is one of the people that can test arcsde; I should also be able to run tests for you. No idea about DB2; you can start by emailing the module maintainer directly.
jgarnett okay well let us start with the traditional 0) what is up
jgarnett this should be a short meeting.
desruisseaux Martin: metadata
Eclesia jsorel : playing with xml apis
aaime fixing bugs and plaing with the new GeoServer UI
jgarnett jgarnett - kicking off several new uDig based projects (the teams will have some exposure to this email list); wps project is wrapping up this week; looking into a gdal2gt bridge for MITAB support; hooking up the coveragetools in udig; adding some processing to imagemoasic with Emily
simboss jgarnett: wow
simboss (smile)
simboss simboss: netcdf
groldan geoserver 2.0 ui
jgarnett thinking; so if so many people are doing geoserver 2.0 ui; what is left on the 1.7 train? I ask because I would like an answer for the "GeoTools 2.5.0 when" questions on the user list.
aaime next rc is not scheduled this week afaik
aaime or at least not soon
jgarnett I see
aaime and the blockers in 1.7.0-rc1 need Justin attention
jgarnett well I would like to have a clue; since we kind of owe the OGC a press release
jgarnett and it would be nice if that included some associated software.
jgarnett was anyone able to go back and tag 2.5.x ?
jgarnett to reflect the release geoserver made last week?
jgarnett Martin started a thread about 2.5-M3 ...
aaime not sure, what I'm sure of is that someone noted the revision
aaime I wasn't involved in the release process other than doing CITE tests
jgarnett So do I ask dwins?
desruisseaux Basically I was just looking for a tag before to remove metadata annotations.
desruisseaux I was not looking for a real 2.5-M3 release.
jgarnett And I am looking to get a release in maven; for the user list.
aaime jgarnett, the release in geoserver was made by bmmpxf
aaime if he did not ask anybody to tag
aaime nobody did
groldan hmmm pity
aaime we have the revision number, we can add the tag at any point
jgarnett aaime if you could do so; I can release the tag today.
jgarnett (and can we please try and be a bit more clear next release cycle (smile) )
aaime why do you want to release the tag?
jgarnett Martin does that meet your needs?
aaime jgarnett, I cannot be clear for other people, just clear for myself
jgarnett because I care about geotools as a project; and we have users asking for the release...
jgarnett okay I will try and be more clear next release cycle; I thought I was working well with dwins
jgarnett and then he said "we are releasing a beta now" and everything went sideways for me...
aaime jgarnett, I said bmmpxf did the release
aaime he's the one doing the gs releases now
jgarnett true; dwins was just kind enough to tell me what had happened
jgarnett from my perspective I had set aside work and volunteer time to help get the geotools release out; and then I lost contact with who was doing what on the geoserver side.
groldan mike is eating, lets wait for him to get back and I can ask him for the rev number and do the tagging
jgarnett ie we wanted to try getting CITE tests to pass from a branch; and then we were going to release.
jgarnett cool; if someone can send me the -revision or create a tag; I can stumble through the release process today.
jgarnett (I would still like to confirm that this meets martin's needs?)
aaime jgarnett, we cannot pass cite due to a number of issues that require Justin attention
jgarnett okay
jgarnett I will release this as a 2.5-M3 then.
acuster it meets M's needs
aaime about the release of 1.6.5, I was going to do it, but Chris told me to delay it so...
jgarnett okay
jgarnett when you do get an idea let me know
aaime he said mid week next week thought
jgarnett hrm; should I bother to pass that on to the user list?
aaime so we could try to release 1.6.5 in a couple of days
aaime (I asked last week)
jgarnett ah
jgarnett so we should make a 2.4.x release this week then?
aaime jgarnett, you can, but there's no way I have time to fix more 2.4.x bugs
jgarnett Do you need anything for that ...
aaime apparently so
aaime nothing really
jgarnett cool.
acuster GeoServer 1.7.0-beta2 (July 30, 2008) ..... This release is based on Geotools 2.5.x (revision 31101).
jgarnett thanks ...
CIA-35 groldan * r31127 /tags/2.5-M3/: tagging 2.5.x from rev #31101
groldan jgarnett: tagged from 2.5.x at rev #31101
jgarnett oh darn ... I am in the same boat as everyone else (smile)
jgarnett I hate to "cry wolf" but we are at the stage of making press releases for uDig 1.1.0
jgarnett so chances are I need to make a 2.2.x release this week
jgarnett we have one remaining bug fix to sort out; charset support in shapefiles.
aaime which has been fixed in 2.4.x I believe
jgarnett It has; although doing some research I found that the DBF actually contains the info
aaime at least I rember making sure that GEoServer could display layers in
aaime norvegian, chinese and arab
aaime and that info can usually be trusted, right?
jgarnett yes; that was my first thought as well. The korean uDig developers already hardcoded their locale in; I am trying to actually fix the problem so they can use the uDig 1.1.0 release.
jgarnett well I don't know how many programs use the DBF correcty; so we can still keep our connection parameter as an override.
jgarnett but when i went looking I found a list of bug reports on the topic
jgarnett (users complaining that the DBF header settings were ignored)
aaime I see
jgarnett A couple more updates; Martin I was able to use the system properties to let uDig work with epsg-hsql.
aaime ah right, did you find where GeoServer sets its own?
jgarnett So hacking on referencing can return to a low priority for both of us ... not ideal but you may relax knowning I am not going to launch into the referencing codebase this week.
desruisseaux Thanks for the info Jody
jgarnett I did not find out; I had to look at the "Axis Issue" page (smile) I am not sure I got all the settings but it is enough to reduce the panic.
jgarnett It also points out that some of our Hints cannot be "global"
desruisseaux Yes, this is what Andrea said last week. I don't know why.
jgarnett Or at the very least referencing has some fun issues to sort out with respect to hints.
aaime jgarnett, for the record:
aaime we tried to use hints only but it did not work so we had to go back to system properties
jgarnett Thanks Andrea; looks like I missed a few - that is the answer I was trying to ask these last couple weeks (smile)
aaime sorry, I noticed it once but it was too late, and then I forgot
groldan aaime: btw, that one does look like it should go in main, not in web?
aaime why, it's a startup listener
aaime web container dependedent
jgarnett martin I am pretty sure I know how to approach the bug hunt; but we can leave this until we are both more sane?
aaime you did not want filters in main, you want listeners now? (wink)
groldan thought it was spring dependent
aaime nope, that one has to be absoluted the very first thign that runs
aaime when spring starts up it's already too late
desruisseaux Jody, yes it would be fine to wait a bit. I will let peoples know when I will be back on referencing hacking?
groldan ok
jgarnett Eclesia how goes your SLD work? On uDig trunk we would love to write our Style pages using StyleVisitors etc today.
aaime those properties must be set before any crs is requested
jgarnett Since we are writing them anyways; if we had your patch applied on 2.6.x we would not have to rewrite them later.
Eclesia well with everything going around I was wiating a bit for the patch
jgarnett I thought of updating SLDParser (the DOM one) to be an SEParser
jgarnett but noticed that we do not have a GML3 DOM parser etc...
jgarnett so I figured that creating more along those lines would make me tired; and thought I should check in with what you were doing?
Eclesia I can send you the patch if that's what you mean ?
jgarnett Eclesia I am not interested in checking out a patch on volunteer time
jgarnett I am interested in working with you on trunk; but I don't know your timing.
Eclesia is lost
jgarnett I am just letting you know that the timing is pretty good from the uDig standpoing.
Eclesia on what do you want to work with me ?
jgarnett ie if you commit we will be able to give you timely feedback on the new style interfaces.
jgarnett we will be writing code using style visitor
jgarnett (rather than set methods)
jgarnett to update stuff.
Eclesia ok so if I apply the patch this week does that suit you ?
jgarnett We would like a couple days warning;
jgarnett but yes; we are on trunk in order to work with you on this (smile)
Eclesia when do you want me to apply it then ?
jgarnett we have a deliverable thursday
jgarnett so either early in the week (say today?)
jgarnett or thursday.
jgarnett I would not mind an overview of what your patch includes?
jgarnett I am assuming the getools style interfaces will extend the geoapi ones
Eclesia I cant today, but tomorrow I guess it's possible
jgarnett (I tried this myself and only ran into conflicts where ENUMS had been introduced)
Eclesia the patch makes the GT style interface extends the geoapi ones, and it fix the gt style implementations
jgarnett sweet.
Eclesia all methods (old ones and new ones) are still here
jgarnett Did you wade through all my email to geoapi on the subject. We seemed to only have a few areas left to talk about.
Eclesia but the streamingrenderer breaks a bit when It comes on FeatureTypeNames that where replaced from string to Name objects
Eclesia so there will be some fixes to do
jgarnett understood
jgarnett StreamingRenderer is easier to understand with the ResourceCollection stuff removed.
Eclesia so I apply tomorrow ?
Eclesia will you have time to fix before thrusday ?
jgarnett Eclesia we have a teams of developers working on turnk
jgarnett so you should not be applying broken code?
jgarnett do you need help getting something working?
Eclesia It's not broken, test failures
jgarnett (aside: Graphic.graphicalSymbols() is order dependent ie List)
jgarnett hrm
Eclesia I cant fix the streaming renderer
jgarnett okay understood; so yeah send me an email before you commit and we can tag team that one.
jgarnett Is there a time when we are both working?
Eclesia for me it's at the end of the day
jgarnett okay so when you are ready please send an email; and set a time
Eclesia 17H to 18H
jgarnett I think that is it for the meeting time slot.
jgarnett Anything else or should I post the logs.
Eclesia jgarnett: a solution would be taht I send you the patch, and you can commit it when you think the streamingRenderer is fixed ?
Eclesia this way you can do it when you wish and we wont break the build
jgarnett I hear you
jgarnett I am weighing my volunteer time today vs you interecting with the geotools community in the normal manner.
jgarnett Is there another way to help you debug streaming renderer?
jgarnett And is your patch current; ie streaming renderer has changed over the last two weeks.
jgarnett nope I think you better set a time and commit
Eclesia I've been maitaining this patch for more then a month on my free time ...
jgarnett I don't want to set a precedent of accepting large patches; not when you have commit access.
jgarnett what I can do is help you clean up streaming renderer; and we do appoogize for taking so long to get 2.5.x out of the way ... thanks for maintaining the patch.
jgarnett So what time do you want to do this Eclesia; tomorrow?
jgarnett Now?
Eclesia I cant do it know
Eclesia the patch is at work (I'm at home)
jgarnett (smile)
Eclesia now*
jgarnett How about tomorrow? You mentioned a time up above; but I have not figured out when that is for me (sad)
Eclesia meeting startes a 18H, so one hour before
acuster what time is it for you right now jody?
acuster its 19:42 here
acuster so 17:00 is 2:42 ago
Eclesia 17h to 18h is fine
jgarnett okay sounds great
jgarnett can you send an email; with that time slot; and the appropriate dire warning for people working on turnk.
jgarnett tunk - silly typo
jgarnett Is that okay?
Eclesia ok
jgarnett cool thanks for the meeting everyone.

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