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  1. What is up
  2. 2.5.0-RC0 status
  3. svn uptime


  • groldan is working on the 2.5-RC0 release and needs help with mvn assembly
  • jgarnett is making a Move to another Server proposal

jgarnett* good morning
jgarnett (sorry I am late...)
jgarnett do we have agenda topics?
Eclesia doesnt have any
Eclesia hi jody
jgarnett has changed the topic to "0) what is up 1) 2.5.0-RC0 status"
jgarnett groldan ping? You did want to talk about 2.5.0-RC0 right?
groldan hi, sure
jgarnett has changed the topic to "0) what is up 1) 2.5.0-RC0 status 2) svn uptime"
aaime Hi
jgarnett Do you have anything for the meeting andrea? You have been asking interesting questions about SDO and Oracle
jgarnett But perhaps we should just start ...
aaime yup
jgarnett 0) what is up
aaime is looking into JDBCDataStore again and working on some GS/MS benchmarks
groldan is trying to figure out how to assembly without unsupported modules
Eclesia nothing special
jgarnett jgarnett - testing 2.5-RC0, check user guide sample code (and assorted udig/gwc stuff)
groldan aaime: what's an MS benchmark?
jgarnett I think he means "Map Server"
aaime yep
jgarnett now that pramsey is making it faster; andrea has some work to do.
aaime ha ha, indeed
jgarnett if it would help Andrea we can try and keep pramsey drunk on this end ...
aaime no no
jgarnett I know where he lives; a bottle of scotch placed on his doorstep should do it...
aaime if he insists optimizing a C based rendering he'll eventually win but.. I'm not ready to give up just yet (smile)
jgarnett 1) 2.5.0-RC0 status
jgarnett groldan how is it happening?
groldan hi
groldan well it seems assembly did assemble everything
groldan I'm looking now if a mvn clean install (without -Dall) first
jgarnett okay
groldan makes it assemble only the supported modules
aaime yeah, that's my guess as well, I believe assembly just lumps up all the jars ending up in target
groldan was stuck for a while due to the refractions repo being down, but its fixed now
groldan confirmation in 10 secs.. just finished
groldan right
aaime jgarnett, how is it going on trunk vs udig?
jgarnett it is going fine
jgarnett it seems that udig is the major source of change; as we find and fix problems
jgarnett I want to see the FeatureEvents cleaned up over time; but I am mostly driven by customer problems (so my chance to work on stuff depends on how annoying any given problem is)
groldan could you check if that's the correct list of modules to include?:
jgarnett It is not
jgarnett see: geotools-2.5-SNAPSHOT/gt-oracle-spatial-2.5-SNAPSHOT.jar
jgarnett that should not be included.
aaime curious, how is it oracle is in there, and mif is not?
groldan or rather a sorted version:
aaime (a sorted list... thanks!)
jgarnett so yeah; that list has too much stuff in it
jgarnett I assume those items do not build when you do a: mvn clean install ?
groldan lets see
jgarnett I am trying to figure out if you have everyting
jgarnett martin made the change to remove "Validation"
groldan seems not:
jgarnett I made the change to chunk the unsupported modules into profiles
jgarnett I concur - that is a better list.
jgarnett .. so there must be something about "assembly" we do not understand?
groldan this is what assembly is trying to build:
groldan question:
groldan mvn clean install is building swing widgets
groldan isn't that on unsupported?
groldan so the problem may be with install rather than assembly?
Eclesia there are 2 swing widgets
groldan ah ah
Eclesia siwng widgets and swing widgets pending
Eclesia pending is in unsupported
jgarnett there are two swing widgets; one in unsupported; and one in extensions
jgarnett yeah what he said.
groldan hmmm the list of modules to build on install and assembly seems equal
aaime so, it seems this topic is killing the meeting? (smile)
jgarnett okay so we are a bit stuck on this; perhaps we can try with a small example module? I am not finding anything in the maven docs...
jgarnett let us return to this topic on IRC after the meeting
jgarnett 2) svn uptime
jgarnett I have talked to Jeff
jgarnett and we have no good way to keep our server from going down (sad)
aaime ok, time to move to osgeo ones?
jgarnett our service provider is not being that helpful; we can hope that rebuilding the server will "fix" the problem
jgarnett but that is just a hope?
jgarnett So I would say time to move to codehaus ones
jgarnett (since we are short on volunteer time around here?)
aaime and moving on codehaus is easier/better than osgeo?
jgarnett geoserver is managing to use codehaus svn are they not?
jgarnett it offers single sign on with our wiki
jgarnett so ... yes.
aaime right
jgarnett (and we do not have to maintain it ... I would much rather have everyone here working on code then servers)
aaime yes, we had problems over one year ago for a couple of weeks (not continuosly) but that's all
jgarnett however I am open to both options; the above is just my take on the matter.
jgarnett I would also like to see if we can use codehaus for some of the repository duties?
jgarnett I know geoserver deploys to a codehaus repo right?
aaime we can
aaime GeoServer has webdav support
aaime and a repo as well
aaime (two different addresses I believe)
jgarnett I am going to tough it out on the udig project a while longer (sad) But udig also has a wiki and svn space on codehaus.
jgarnett But I will bring the issue up in thursday's udig meeting as well.
jgarnett So what do we need here? We need a change proposal; and we need volunteers to help with the move.
aaime yep
jgarnett This is one activity where I cannot volunteer on; running svn is not my forte.
jgarnett I am hoping others have more/better experience?
aaime I have never run a server myself either
aaime (a svn server)
jgarnett Andrea are you in a good position to make a change proposal?
aaime noe
aaime nope
jgarnett If I write it up it will be very shy on the details
jgarnett hrm
jgarnett it is going to be a tie
jgarnett between downtime from refractions server being hit by scripts
jgarnett and downtime from making the change?
jgarnett I am going to do all I can to get some sys admin time to bundle up the geotools svn ...
aaime ok, first let's find someone willing to make the switch
jgarnett Well we can make the proposal
aaime can you just write a mail to gt2-devel asking for a volounteer?
jgarnett and just not vote on it until we round up enough volunteers.
jgarnett yeah.
aaime jgarnett++
jgarnett okay
jgarnett that is it for the agenda
jgarnett I can post the logs
jgarnett and if I can ask people to leave this window open
jgarnett and help groldan get 2.5.0-RC0 out (because battling maven is no fun)
groldan yeah
jgarnett groldan I checked out 2.5.x in order to help; it is building now...
groldan cool, here too

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