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The GeoTools 2.5-RC0 release candidate is available for download:

The GeoTools 2.5 series is reaching stability. The target 2.5.0 release is centred around making a new Feature model available. The new feature model is based on formal GeoAPI interfaces and will allow the library to evolve into supporting complex data structures.

GeoTools 2.5 also targets graduation as an OSGeo (The Open Source Geospatial Foundation) project, and includes usability and performance improvements, preview version for the new Swing Widgets, and online and downloadable User Guide, an ISO 19107 Geometry implementation available as a supported module, new GPX DataStore, a much more robust ArcSDE DataStore, and JAXB Bindings for xml marshaling of GeoAPI ISO-19115 metadata structures.

This first release candidate of the series brings bug fixes related to raster coverage rendering, data access, ArcSDE, some improvements on the project build process, and the finalization of the switch to the new GeoAPI Feature Model (though remember 2.5 still focuses on Simple Features only).

Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on our new Feature model. This release contains several usability improvements based on your feedback; thanks also go out to Andrea and Justin who spent some time making the switch to the GeoAPI Feature Model passing GeoServer CITE tests, and to Jody for improving our build system.

Not to forget, a big thanks to Geomatys, GeoSolutions, Refractions Research, OpenGeo and the community for continuously leveraging the project and making it such a success every day!

Features from 2.5-RC0:

  • Feature Model switch to GeoAPI completed with passing CITE tests from GeoServer as sanity check
  • Some major bug fixes related to raster coverage rendering, ArcSDE, and Filter to SQL simplification
  • Build system improvements

Features from 2.5-M3:

  • OSGeo gradudation! All the headers have changed and we now track license use on a module by module basis
  • Usability and Performance improvements to the Feature
  • FeatureCollection no longer implements SimpleFeature or Collection; removal associated implementation classes such as ResourceCollection

Features from 2.5-M2:

  • JAXB bindings for the metadata module (ie support for ISO 19139 documents)
  • FeatureAccess super class for DataStore, allowing data access using ISO

Features from 2.5-M1:

  • Change over to GeoAPI SimpleFeature
  • Support GetGMLObject
  • Preview of new Swing Widgets (and a warm welcome to Eclesia)

Features from 2.5-M0:

  • Online User Guide
  • Java 5
  • Improved CRSAuthorityFactory implementations available for Java Enterprise Edition users
  • ISO 19107 Geometry implementation available as a supported module
  • DB2 returns to supported status
  • ArcSDE returns to supported status
  • GeometryBuilder utility class
  • A new GPX DataStore

Release Notes:

For more information please visit:

If you are new to GeoTools please consider this release as a good starting point, although the 2.4.x remains the stable branch we have no planned API changes and user documentation available for the 2.5.x series.

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