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  1. what is up
  2. 2.5.x

jgarnett* morning
Eclesia hi
jgarnett I am working hard on uDig today; I have my laptop with me ... but cannot give the meeting my full attention.
jgarnett Hopefully someone can rally the troops and strike up an agenda (smile)
jgarnett apparently gabriel is making 2.5.x releases; but is not around to talk about it ...
jgarnett ... trying to see if anyone is online.
aaime I am
jgarnett Hi andrea
aaime I cannot catch Gabriel with Skype either
aaime about a 2.5.0 release this week, unlikely
jgarnett okay
aaime we keep on spotting issues in gs 1.7.x...
jgarnett we are still stuck on mvn assembly as far as I know
jgarnett I talked to jdeolive; he is just off ... sigh.
jgarnett well I do not have time for this early morning meeting either; perhaps we should revert the timeslot.
aaime is that going to change the lack of topics?
jgarnett well stuff is happening; the developers are just not here to talk about it ...
aaime would be moving the meeting to 19.00 italian time (15 minutes from now)
aaime improve things?
jgarnett I am not sure; asking jdeolive
aaime I'm kind of sick to have a 12hours working day due to the meetings, I would probably not participate if the time was moved back to the old 21.00 italian time
jdeolive i am flexible on time... its just today something has come up
jgarnett well let us go through our short agenda and get out of here ...
jgarnett 0) what is up
jdeolive is working on oracle stuff and perparing for foss4g
jgarnett jgarnett - working on udig rendering system; trying to beat comments out of jesse and having too many branches for happiness
aaime is trying to hammer anything good out of Oracle (a hell of a job, believe me)
jgarnett aaime++
jgarnett 1) 2.5.x
jgarnett we covered this already; gabriel is not here - but it does not look likely this week.
Eclesia nothing new, hack a bit evrywhere
jgarnett sorry Eclesia ...
jgarnett Anything else? I trust the oracle stuff is going okay; I tried helping find a dummy jar on the weekend; the old module maintainer thought it was produced with a tool.
jgarnett okay I can post the very short logs; thanks everyone.

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