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Complete the schema management API with a remove schema call


Daniele Romagnoli


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We add, we update... we don't remove?


The current DataAccess/DataStore API provides means to create and update a schema, but not a way to remove it.
The DataAccess interface will be modified as follows:

Whilst the DataStore interface will see the following new method:

The code base will be modified, on trunk only, so that the new methods are implemented by throwing an UnsupportedOperationException in the common base classes, and making sure all the code base keeps on building.
Moreover, the support to actually drop the schemas will be implemented in the JDBC data stores.


This proposal was approved, but has been on hold waiting funding:


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no progress






lack mandate/funds/time


volunteer needed

  1. DataStore API changed based on Description
    1. (tick)Update Interfaces
    2. (tick)Unsupported Operation for ContentDataStore and AbstractDataStore
  2. Implement for JDBCDataStore
    1. (tick) Implement using drop table
    2. (warning)Individual Dialects may need additional hooks to allow for spatial index maintenance, geometry columns and so on
    3. (tick)
  3. (warning)User Guide - datastore code example
  4. Implement Shapefile DataStore
    1. (warning) Implementation will need to remove associated sidecar files
  5. Implement DirectoryDataStore
    1. (warning)Implementation will need to delegate to FileDataStore (and may require API change)
  6. (warning) Implement PropertyDataStore
  7. (warning)Backport JDBCDataStore implementation to stable series
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