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This is a great little program to help you figure out what is gonig on, and more importantly what is going wrong (smile)

To run this program:

java ConnectionTester

If you need to just look at a single "FeatureType":

java ConnectionTester typename

Your is a normal java properties file with all the connection parameters mentioned by the DataStoreFactory.

For oracle I am using the following:


For shapefile I would use this:


You could also just mention any of the file formats diretly on the command line, and the program would make up a propreties map:

java ConnectionTester C:\Temp\shapefile.shp

It does not work!

Are your correction parameters correct? Check the javadocs for each factory ...

What does the error message say? If it is something like NullPointerException you may have found a bug. However look at the stacktrace, if it is a null pointer exception when looking for an SRID in oracle you probably have just not set up oracle correctly...however send the bug anyways cause it should have a better error message.

Remember to step through with the debugger to learn how things work (and when submitting bug reports to the module maintainer). Note you can figure out who to send the bug report to by checking in the project.xml file (look under developers):

  • Shapefile: Jesse
  • Postgis: Justin
  • Oracle: Marc

Now for the Program

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