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There is a lot of work to do on a project the size of GeoTools but it is often hard for new developers to work out where they can help.

At any one time we have a large list of tasks which need doing but many of them are not assigned to anyone in particular. This page contains a summary of oustanding issues which no-one is working on. If you feel you might be able to help, go and take a look at the issue and add a comment. All of the developers interested in that issue will receive a note and you can discuss with them what needs to be done and if you can help.

Open tasks suitable for new developers

This list contains tasks which have specifically been identified as suitable for novice or new developers. You will still need a good level of Java knowledge, but you won't need to know GeoTools inside out before you can get started.

Type Key Summary Priority Created

Open, unassigned issues and tasks

The following is a list of current oustanding issues, tasks and bugs which have not yet been assigned to anyone.

Type Key Complexity Summary Priority Created

New modules

The following is a list of requests for entirely new modules. These often make excellent projects for new developers as they can work on the new code in safety.

Type Key Summary Priority Created

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