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An example of how to create your own MapLayer.

I adapted the original How to create a simple FeatureCollection from Scratch example by knudsen, because it no longer compiled with 2.1.M4, which I was using.

This example

  • creates a custom Feature,
  • creates a custom FeatureType,
  • uses SLD (Styled Layer Descriptor) to describe the style to use, and
  • creates and shows a custom MapLayer.
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  1. Guys it would really, really, really help if you removed the examples that no longer compile under the current release.

    This pretty much means all of them.

    Instead, how about just 2 examples of code that takes some coordinates, and displays it on a screen. I think that's all people need to get them going, as you learn the underlying datastructures best when you can actually compile the examples!!!!


  2. Hi Pete - you are correct there is a new user guide (an entirely seperate wiki: so we should remove these pages. I was waiting until the final section on rendering etc was done but yeah these pages can be removed.