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Running Cruise Control as a Windows Service

There are a number of solutions to get cruise control running as a windows service, but I found it the easiest to download Java Service Wrapper ( and configure one file.

You then need to do the following:

1) Extract the file wrapper-windows-x86-32-3.2.0 to a temporary location.
2) Copy the conf and bin directory into your cruise control directory eg. C:\cc-sandbox\cruisecontrol-bin-2.4.0.
3) Copy the wrapper.jar and wrapper.dll in the lib directory to your cruise control lib directory.
4) Edit the wrapper.conf file and configure it with the following example as a guideline:

5) Now run the InstallTestWrapper-NT.bat file. This will install the service.
6) Go to the windows services under computer management, and you will see your new cruise control service.
7) Set the service to automatic start.

FYI : You might need to hard code all the pathings in your config.xml file.

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