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Avoid deprecated messages using Style interfaces


Jesse Eichar




Keeping stylish

This page represents the current plan; for discussion please check the tracker link above.


Avoid deprecated messages

  • "Style" interfaces still use org.geotools.filter.Filter ..
  • There is an existing bug report about removing all use of geotools Filter


This proposal is in response to an email from Jessie. We would like the uDig code to be deprecation free (it serves as a very valuable test of GeoTools API stability if and only if it is possible to do everything without using deprecated code).

dynamictasklist: task list macros declared inside wiki-markup macros are not supported

API Changes


This change effects imports; also a good chance to remove old FactoryFinder code where it is used to create literals etc...


This is also a good chance to make sure the FilterFactoryFinder calls are removed:

Effected Documentation

The follow documentation pages were revised:

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