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The e-mails discussing the various data interfaces (DataStore, FeatureCollection, etc) get pretty lengthy. Hopefully this page can serve as a summary of what the interfaces might look like with the most current suggestions.

Note that Java generic syntax is used below in several places (i.e. List<QName>). This is used for clarity of writing, but may not actually be used in the "real" interfaces.

(Note: This was started by Chris Dillard in hopes that someone with a little more time would come along and finish filling things in...)
(Comments inline from James Macgill, marked JRM)


As an example, suppose we have some feature xml that looks like this:

For a QName describing this Feature, getNamespaceURI() would return "", getLocalName() would return "MajorRoads", and getPreferredPrefix() could return "xyz".


It seems like we need some way of calling "close" on an iterator. Relying on garbage collection (and implementing finalize()) is a bad idea.

CSD - Do we want to extend ListIterator? I suspect not... Although nothing prevents a given DataStore from returning one if it can easily seek.



Examples of using the interfaces in common situations.

Reading features from a datastore
Writing features to a new datastore
Appending features to an existing datastore
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