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Grails Flex Scaffold (GFS) is a grails' plugin that deals Flex code generation by scaffolding methodology, including support for presentation and service layers by providing embeded data in your domain classes as original Grails Scaffolding does with Ajax and HTML.


News about GFS visit Cubika Labs Blog

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  1. anyone here? sorry about that my english is so poor...i study the gfs for several months, and i have some problem want to ask.

    about the upload file function, the upload file paht is config in config.groovy like this, "filepath = "./home" ", so the file upload in my app-project/home folder. my question is could i upload the file by a dynamic path, like the user jack upload the file in the folder app-project/home/jack, and the user tom upload the file in the folder in the app-project/home/ email is, my msn is

  2. Hi, it's great that you use GFS.
    If you need dynamic path to fileUpload you should try two ways:

    1 - In your DomainService where Domain stand your DomainClass name you should move file to your desired location or path

    2 - Create your own controller extending from FileUploadController and override the index method to modify the path.
    You must change url in DomainClassEditView

    <cubikalabs:CBKFileUpload id="fuUrl" url="yourOwnFileUpload" filePath="{_model.selected.url}"/>

    and you must grab the username form the session

    You can contact me if you need further assistance -

    Here is an example

  3. hi ezequiel:

      thank you very much.

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the nice plugin .. !!

    I wanted to know if there is a way to use the Grails Jasper Plugin(not the dynamic Jasper Plugin) with GFS.

  5. This seems like a great plugin. I have created some flex reports and wanted to go to a full Flex/ grails interface. I have an existing project and tried to apply the instructions. I only scaffolded like 3 of the domain classes as well as those mentioned in the example (users, tasks, roles). I got the interface up but:

    • Any changes to the users do not appear to be saved.
    • My existing DB tables are not displayed for those domain classes I did scaffold.

    It is like it is accessing an in memory DB, but I can tell that the datasource.groovy is correct and still points to my db.

    Are these instructions complete??? I saw the screencast showed quite a few updates to the code in addition to that generated by the scaffold.