Blog from Jul 25, 2013

Here comes GPars 1.1

The GA release of GPars 1.1.0 has just been published and is ready for you to grab. It brings gradual improvements into dataflow as well as a few other domains. Some highlights:

  • LazyDataflowVariable added to allow for lazy asynchronous values
  • Timeout for Selects
  • Added a Promise-based API for value selection through the Select class
  • Enabled listening for bind errors on DataflowVariables
  • Minor API improvement affecting Promise and DataflowReadChannel
  • Protecting agent's blocking methods from being called from within commands
  • Updated to the latest 0.7.0 GA version of Multiverse
  • Migrated to Groovy 2.0
  • Used @CompileStatic where appropriate
  • A few bug fixes

You can download GPars 1.1.0 directly or grab it from the maven repo.

Have a lot of fun trying out GPars 1.1.0!