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Java Tech Journal April 2012 on GPars, parallel collections, asynchronous functions and dataflow concurrency (by Václav Pech)

iX Magazin (german) on multi-core programming with overview (by Johannes Link) and Dataflow concurrency (by Dierk König) explained with GPars examples.

Groovy in Action, 2nd Edition chapter 17 (available in MEAP) covers the basics of GPars.

Wrote or spoke about GPars

jaxenter April 2012 on GPars, parallel collections, asynchronous functions and dataflow concurrency (by Václav Pech)

JVM Concurrency and Actors with GPars article at Dr.Dobb's

GPars concurrency and background processing in Grails

Dataflow Speculations in GPars

DeveloperWork: Resolve common concurrency problems with GPars by Alex Miller

Writing batch import scripts with Grails, GSQL and GPars

Flowing With the Data - Václav Pech

Playing with GPars (Actors/Dataflow variables)

Concurrency in Groovy on Javalobby

Testing Asynchronous Code with GPars Dataflows by Hamlet D'Arcy

Grails Podcast episode 97 - Interview with Václav Pech, the GPars author\ – 2009-10-11

JaxEnter short article (german) – 2009-10-09

The Concertant Blog – 2009-10-08 07:15+01:00

Russel Winder's Website – 2009-10-07 09:30+01:00

Java Posse #266

GroovyMag July 2009

The 0.8 release announcement

A Domain-Specific Language to Let Groovy Go Parallel by Gaston Hillar

The 0.7 release announcement

Actor libraries on JVM comparison by Alex Miller

Event-based actors in Groovy (GR8 Conference)

Event-based actors in Groovy (DZone)

Event-based actors in Groovy

Actors in Groovy

GParallelizer announced

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