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A few examples on Actors use


  • Sleeping Barber
  • Dining Philosophers
  • Word Sort
  • Load Balancer

Sleeping Barber

Problem description

Dining Philosophers

Problem description

Word sort

Given a folder name, the script will sort words in all files in the folder. The SortMaster actor creates a given number of WordSortActors, splits among them the files to sort words in and collects the results.

Inspired by Scala Concurrency blog post by Michael Galpin

Load Balancer

Demonstrates work balancing among adaptable set of workers. The load balancer receives tasks and queues them in a temporary task queue. When a worker finishes his assignment, it asks the load balancer for a new task.

If the load balancer doesn't have any tasks available in the task queue, the worker is stopped.
If the number of tasks in the task queue exceeds certain limit, a new worker is created to increase size of the worker pool.

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