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The GPars Team

Team members with LinkedIn profiles may want to add their status to the GPars LinkedIn page.

Václav Pech

A passionate programmer and a concurrency enthusiast, focusing on parallel computing, distributed systems and domain specific languages.
A senior software developer and a technology evangelist at JetBrains.

Personal web presentation | Professional blog

Dierk König

Fellow at Canoo Engineering AG.

Lead author of Groovy in Action, which in the second edition also features a chapter on GPars.

Twitter | LinkedIn | Xing | Facebook

Russel Winder

Independent consultant, analyst, author, trainer, expert witness

Director of It'z Interactive Ltd

Partner of Concertant LLP The Concertant Blog

Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

Alex Tkachman

Paul King

Rafał Sławik

Student, Google Summer of Code '14 participant


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