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Provides additional features to the artifacts API.


The current version of griffon-artifacts-plugin is 0.2
To install just issue the following command


The artifacts API introduced in Griffon 0.3 provides a minimal set of features to find out what type of artifacts an application contains. However the data you can obtaing for each artifact is limited. This plugin fills that gap by adding a new interface GriffonArtifactClass, which any artifact may provide an implementation for. The following shows what you can expect from this basic interface:

An application will be enhanced with a property artifactClassManager that will let you query for instances of the GriffonArtifactClass interface that are related to a particular artifact or ArtifactInfo. There are a few "magic" properties that the ArtifactClassManager instance possesses that allow you to narrow the type of artifact you are interested in. For example if you only want to print the name used for injection of all controller artifact classes you can do:

The dynamic method conventions are as follows:

  • *ArtifactClasses - Retrieves all the artifact classes for a particular artifact type. Example app.artifactClassManager.controllerArtifactClasses.
  • get*ArtifactClasses() - Retrieves all the artifact classes for a particular artifact type. Example app.artifactClassManager.getControllerArtifactClasses().







Release sync with Griffon 0.9



Initial release

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