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Griffon 0.9.2-beta-3 – "Aquila adalberti" - is a maintenance release of Griffon 0.9.

Griffon Team

We would like to welcome two new team members to the core development team:

New Features


IDE Integration

The integration files for Eclipse and IDEA have been updated to conform to their latest conventions.


Plugin dependencies declared using the Dependency DSL should be fully honored now.
The DependencyReport script will now skip configurations that may not available (i.e, such as provided)

Plugin CLI sources

Plugins can now build and package sources that should be excluded form runtime. Just place the sources under src/cli and the build will do the rest. Adding the package classes to the build via the dependency DSL is as easy as pasting the following snippet in the plugin's _Events.groovy script

Substitute 'quartz' for your plugin name. This feature is available to plugins that also package an addon descriptor.


WindowManager DSL

Starting with Griffon 0.9.2 there's a new DSL for configuring show/hide behavior per window. This configuration can be set in griffon-app/conf/Config.groovy, and here is how it looks

The name of each entry must match the value of the Window's name: property. Each entry may have the following options

  • show - used to show the window to the screen. It must be a closure that takes two parameters: the window to display and the current application.
  • hide - used to hide the window from the screen. It must be a closure that takes two parameters: the window to hide and the current application.
  • handler - a custom WindowDisplayHandler.

The first two options have priority over the third one. If one is missing then the WindowManager will invoke the default behavior. There is one last option that can be used to override the default behavior provided to all windows

Previous to Griffon 0.9.2 the first window to be displayed during the Ready phase was determined by a simple algorithm: picking the first available window from the managed windows list. With 0.9.2 however, it's now possible to configure this behavior by means of the WindowManager DSL. Simply specify a value for swing.windowManager.startingWindow, like this

This configuration flag accepts two types of values:

  • a String that defines the name of the Window. You must make sure the Window has a matching name property.
  • a Number that defines the index of the Window in the list of managed windows.

If no match is found then the default behavior will be executed.

Conditional logging

The latest Groovy beta release (1.8b3) includes a new AST transformation (@Log) that can inject a Logger instance (if not present already) and transforms all logging calls to be conditionally guarded. This means that a simple logging statement as

is transformed into

While Griffon 0.9.2-beta-3 still depends on Groovy 1.7.5 (which doesn't provide access to @Log) it however, does inject conditional logging on all logger instances belonging to Griffon artifacts, that is: controllers, models, views, services, and any additional artifacts added by plugins.

Breaking Changes

Moved Classes

  • griffon.core.BaseGriffonApplication -> org.codehaus.griffon.runtime.core.BaseGriffonApplication

Changed Classes

  • griffon.core.ArtifactManager turned into an interface
  • griffon.core.ArtifactManager.getClassesOfType() returns List<GriffonClass> rather than GriffonClass[]
  • griffon.core.ArtifactManager.getAllClasses() returns List<GriffonClass> rather than GriffonClass[]
  • ArtifactManager is no longer a singleton. You can get a hold to the current ArtifactManager instance by querying the application directly. ApplicationHolder can be used for all other classes that do not have a direct reference to the running application. The rationale for this change is to have as few magic singleton classes as possible.

New classes

  • org.codehaus.griffon.runtime.core.AbstractArtifactManager
  • org.codehaus.griffon.runtime.core.DefaultArtifactManager

Dependency Management

Plugins built with Griffon 0.9.2 and upwards should declare all of its dependencies using the Dependency DSL found in griffon-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy, including those that are located in the lib directory. For the latter case, you must declare a resolver that is local to the plugin, like this

Sample Applications

Griffon 0.9.2-beta-3 ships with 5 sample applications of varying levels of complexity demonstrating various parts of the framework. In order of complexity they are:

File Viewer

File Viewer is a simple demonstration of creating new MVCGroups on the fly.

Source: samples/FileViewer

To run the sample from source, change into the source directory and run griffon run-app from the command prompt.


GroovyEdit is an improved version of FileViewer that uses custom observable models.

Source: samples/GroovyEdit

To run the sample from source, change into the source directory and run griffon run-app from the command prompt.

Font Picker

Font Picker demonstrates form based data binding to adjust the sample rendering of system fonts.

Source: samples/FontPicker

To run the sample from source, change into the source directory and run griffon run-app from the command prompt.


Greet, a full featured Griffon Application, is a Twitter client. It shows Joint Java/Groovy compilation, richer MVCGroup interactions, and network service based data delivery.

Source: samples/Greet

To run the sample from source, change into the source directory and run griffon run-webstart from the command prompt. Because Greet uses JNLP APIs for browser integration using run-app will prevent web links from working.


SwingPad, a full featured Griffon Application, is a scripting console for rendering Groovy SwingBuilder views.

Source: samples/SwingPad

To run the sample from source, change into the source directory and run griffon run-app from the command prompt.

0.9.2-beta-3 Release Notes


Griffon 0.9.2-beta-3 Resolved Issues (27 issues)

T Key Summary
Bug GRIFFON-296 Run-App and Installing plugins broke after upgrading to 0.9.2-beta-3
Bug GRIFFON-161 SecurityException: invalid SHA1 signature file digest' when running the command 'griffon package zip
Bug GRIFFON-261 Dependency report throws FileNotFoundException when run on a plugin project
Bug GRIFFON-262 Can't resolve test dependencies declared on a plugin
Bug GRIFFON-273 Application does not run in applet mode if the UI contains buttons
Bug GRIFFON-283 IntegrateWith -eclipse does not populate library entries properly
Bug GRIFFON-284 IntegrateWith -intellij adds outdated IDEA project files, should use the new dir layout
Bug GRIFFON-287 "GlazedlistsGriffonAddon"'s signer information does not match signer information of other classes
Bug GRIFFON-288 Exception when using ShutdownHandler using a Map as ShutdownHandler
New Feature GRIFFON-289 When using a ShutdownHandler, the window will always close before the canShutdown's are invoked. Should be configurable.
Bug GRIFFON-291 Can't build binary package withour codehaus username/password
Bug GRIFFON-293 executing "./gradlew build" fails due to missing checkstyle configuration
Bug GRIFFON-294 Remove signatures from jars before signing them again
Improvement GRIFFON-295 Ability to specify which Window should be displayed first
Bug GRIFFON-297 Dependency problem with a plugin including an addon if it is named camelcased (or contains hyphen ?)
Improvement GRIFFON-298 Add conditional logging on artifacts
Improvement GRIFFON-299 Use conditional logging on complex expressions
Bug GRIFFON-300 Can't generate guide in PDF
Improvement GRIFFON-301 griffon.core.ArtifactManager should be an interface
New Feature GRIFFON-302 Let addon jars participate with the DependencyManager using the dependency DSL
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