Blog from July, 2004

Having fun here at OSCon, lots of interesting folks to chat to. Gonna be hanging around the interesting looking Ruby talks today.

The slides of our Groovy talk are here

I'm pleased to announce that Groovy 1.0-beta-6 has been released! Many thanks to all those who've submitted or applied patches, hacked code, made suggestions or just hung out in the groovy mail lists, wikis or IRC channel.

You can download a distribution from the usual place

There's a large number of new features, fixes, better diagnostics and performance enhancements in this release (including Bing's cool new type inference engine for using static method dispatch when the compiler can figure out the right thing to do).

Here's a the full list of changes


This is a good post which tries to demostrate the power of closures and functors.

It also helps illustrate how noisy things can be in Java. e.g.

whereas we could do something like this in Groovy

In IT you can usually use any tool to solve any problem. However sometimes switching tools makes things much easier & simpler.