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Reasons for a new Gant release:

  1. Gant now allows extra jar files to be added to the class path using the --lib <path> option.
  2. All jars in ~/.ant/lib are now automatically added to the classpath.
  3. If the environment variable ANT_HOME is defined then all ANT_HOME/lib/ant-*jar files are now added to the classpath
  4. Gant now returns an exit code of 1 when there is an error.

So Gant can now more easily deal with Ant optional tasks (which require jars over and above those distributed with Groovy). Groovy ships Ant 1.7.0 and JUnit 3.8.2 so all the Ant core tasks and the junit task are and always were fine. With these new features, it makes it easy to add jars so that the optional tasks can be used in Gant.

The exit code thing was prompted by people wanting to use Gant in continuous integration contexts. Not returning an error code was a bit of a problem. Now fixed.

Downloads for Groovy 1.0 and Groovy Head are available here

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