Blog from January, 2008

The Groovy development team and G2One, the Groovy / Grails professional services company, are pleased to announce the release of Groovy 1.5.2 -- a bug fix release for Groovy 1.5. You can read the release notes for more precise information on the bugs that have been fixed.

Since the creation of G2One, this trend of bug fixing has been very positive, as shown on JIRA's report: more bugs resolved than open, yet another great maturity sign. Another current focus of the G2One team lately is related to increasing the performance of Groovy, through advanced call site caching techniques. The upcoming beta version of Groovy 1.6 will provide significant boosts in performance, so stay tuned!

If you haven't read it already, you can discover all the novelties in Groovy 1.5 by reading Guillaume Laforge's article on InfoQ. If you are just beginning with Groovy, you may also wish to read an introductory series of articles on Groovy Zone, a new community news site about everything Groovy and Grails -- more articles of this kind are in the works.

You can download Groovy 1.5.2 here:

Big thanks to the whole community! 


The GroovyEclipse team has released a new version of GroovyEclipse, available at the update site.

Thanks to the entire team and contributors for their hard work the numerous fixes and new features.

Improvements and new features:
GROOVY-2435     move the plugin to 1.5.1 Groovy version
GROOVY-2466     Code completion import improvements
GROOVY-2467     Hover link improvements
GROOVY-2465     Attach groovy src to groovy runtime jar provided by Groovy support
GROOVY-2344     Extend ProjectExplorer to show methods of a Groovy class
GROOVY-2479     Add support for JavaDocs
GROOVY-2480     Adding support for code-templates
GROOVY-2481     Implement a Quick-Outline
GROOVY-2478     Add a Groovy version of the JavaPluginImages to simplify access to common icons
GROOVY-2082     Update Eclipse Plugin Instructions and Ensure build works on Checkout

GROOVY-2463     Renaming Groovy script with script open in Groovy Editor causes Eclipse to hang
GROOVY-2469     Bad Junit action ID causes error
GROOVY-2434     NPE in codecompletion if underlying type is null
GROOVY-2385     Code completion throws NPE when Groovy nature is not enabled
GROOVY-2143     Code completion does not find all Java classes
GROOVY-2431     New TestNG-Test Wizard forget to inherit from superclass
GROOVY-2426     Addition to ProjectExplorer needs to much System-Performance
GROOVY-1794     ResourceException after closing a Java project with the groovy nature
GROOVY-1755     Error-Reporting in GroovyCompiler is broken on Windows