Blog from April, 2008

The Windows-Installer for Groovy 1.5.6 can now be downloaded from the Groovy Website (direct link). It takes care of the gory details of a Windows installation, copying files, setting environment variables and file associations.

The installer contains the Groovy 1.5.6 Binaries, API Docs and a PDF snapshot of the Wiki, the native launcher, Gant 1.2.0, Scriptom 1.5, version 0.5.1 of GraphicsBuilder, SwingXBuilder 0.1.5 and JideBuilder 1.0. The installation of everything but the binaries is optional.

Currently supported languages for the installer are english, german, spanish, french and brazilian portuguese.

Groovy 1.5.6 released

G2One and the Groovy development team is pleased to announce the release of Groovy 1.5.6, a bug fix release for the stable Groovy 1.5.x branch.

A regression introduced in 1.5.5 was fixed, and 35 bugs have been resolved (generics, MOP, and joint compiler issues, better line information for IDE support, etc)

As usual, you can download the latest Groovy dustribution and read the change log to know all the details. 

G2One, Inc. and the Groovy development team are pleased to announce the release of Groovy 1.5.5, a bug fix release of the 1.5.x stable branch.

Beyond all the bug fixes and consistency improvements, the major aspect of this release is certainly the improvements in compilation speed. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the performance of Groovy, we have worked hard on compilation speed, and we backported those improvements from the upcoming Groovy 1.6, to ensure that all users using stable versions of Groovy can benefit from these performance increases. The Groovyc compiler should now be from 3 to 5 times faster, which will make big Groovy / Java and Grails projects much snappier to compile.

A first beta of the upcoming Groovy 1.6 will follow in the coming weeks, and the team focus is still on performance improvements. Groovy 1.6 contains this enhanced compiler, but also brings runtime improvements in many areas, including on number arithmetics where Groovy was known to be slow.

Go download Groovy 1.5.5 and read the changelog for more details on the release.