Blog from July, 2008

The Groovy Eclipse team released an updated version of the Groovy Eclipse plugin.

In this new release, the main points of interest:

  • the plugin has been updated to use Groovy 1.5.6
  • and it is also working with the recent Eclipse 3.4

You can find the Groovy Eclipse plugin as a Zip file here and you can point your Eclipse update center at the following location:

Upcoming version of the plugin will feature the first refactorings (extract method). You can discover more on the topic thanks to the students working on
this project as part of their Bachelor thesis at University of applied sciences, in Rapperswil, Switzerland.

Also, don't forget to read Groovy plugin developer James Ervin's words on the roadmap of the plugin.

Congratulations to everybody involved, and especially to James who pushed hard for this release!