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AribaWeb 5.0, the component-based UI web UI framework for creating RIA/AJAX apps without writing JavaScript, is newly available as Open Source (Apache License). AribaWeb provide the Groovy developer with:

  • Auto AJAX: full AJAX UI from server-side Groovy code
  • Instant App: get a full database app from your Groovy domain objects, without writing any UI
  • Live Edit & X-Ray: Modify your layout with drag and drop, see through component hierarchy of running app
  • First Class Groovy Support: UI components and persistent domain objects can be written in Groovy. Groovy 1.6 is embedded with full project build support for compiled Groovy, and runtime support for on-the-fly Groovy reloading.

Most of the examples are written in Groovy (Java is also supported) as can be seen in these screencasts.

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