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The Groovy development team and SpringSource are happy to announce the joint release of Groovy 1.6.4 and a preview of Groovy 1.7.

  • Groovy 1.6.4 is the latest release of our 1.6 stable branch, and contains mainly bug fixes and minor enhancements.
  • Groovy 1.7-beta-1 is the first preview of the upcoming Groovy 1.7 and provides several new features.

Be sure to have a look at the new features coming into Groovy 1.7:

  • anonymous inner classes / nested classes
  • improved annotations available in more places beyond Java 5 (on imports, packages and on variable declarations)
  • a new shorcut notation for the @Grab annotation
  • power asserts to make assertion failures way more readable and useful, coming right from Spock's feature set
  • an AST Viewer in the Groovy Swing Console
  • an AST Builder to ease the creation and authoring of AST transformations
  • a rewrite of the GroovyScriptEngine (also used in Groovlets, Gaelyk, and the Groovy Web Console on Google App Engine) with better dependency management and faster compilation
  • several various Swing enhancements thanks to our Griffon team
  • the Groovy Swing Console remembering position and font size preferences
  • and enhancements in the Sql class support with the addition of transaction and batch capabilities

Let me also remind you yesterday's very important release of the first preview version of the new Eclipse plugin for Groovy, contributed by SpringSource's Eclipse team. An interview of the developer team will follow soon on GroovyZone.
You can download 1.6.4 and 1.7-beta-1 in the download area.

Have a look at the JIRA issues closed for both versions.

Thanks a lot to all involved, users, contributors, developers, make sure to enjoy these new important releases and enjoy your vacations if you take some this summer!

The Groovy development team.

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