Blog from August, 2009

The Windows-Installer for Groovy 1.6.4 can now be downloaded from the Groovy Website (direct link). It takes care of the gory details of a Windows installation, copying files, setting environment variables and file associations. This version of the installer is a nearly complete rewrite, providing you with a more modern interface when choosing what to install.

It contains the Groovy 1.6.4 Binaries, API Docs and a PDF snapshot of the Wiki, the native launcher, Gant 1.7.0, Scriptom 1.6.0, and the Griffon Builders. These contain, among others, GFXBuilder, SwingXBuilder and JideBuilder in versions compatible to Griffon 0.1.2. The installation of everything but the binaries including the native launcher is optional. 

Currently supported languages for the installer are english, german, spanish, french and brazilian portuguese.

The August 2009 GroovyMag is now available.  In this issue:

Building a Grails Portal - Part I

Joshua Davis takes us through the first steps in building a Grails Portal.

Grails Logging - Part II

Robert Fischer concludes his look at logging in Grails, and introduces Sublog, his newest Grails plugin.

Grails in a J2EE world - RMI

Shawn Hartsock continues his look at bringing Grails in to corporate J2EE environments, focusing on RMI this time.

Groovy Under the Hood

This month, Kirsten Schwark continues delving in to Groovy's typing system.

Community news

Catch up with the latest Groovy and Grails news with Dave Klein.

Plugin Corner

Guest columnist Keith Cochran covers the Clojure plugin.

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