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The CATS team proudly announces that the WJAX conference attendees elected us as winner of the WJAX Challenge - a coding challenge with the goal of implementing a betting system (but without money) for the next years FIFA soccer world championship.

8 teams have submitted a contribution, 5 were elected to the final round by committee, and the audience selected the winner: 1st CATS (Canoo ULC on Groovy&Grails, 221 voices), 2nd Tipptop (JRuby on Rails, 86 voices), 3rd KIX (Scala/Lift, 76 voices).

All CATS application code is written in Groovy (2495 LOC). It feeds three channels: a standard data management HTML channel almost entirely with dynamic scaffolding, a Canoo ULC channel with advanced visualisation as interactive tables, cover flow, and swing components projected on 3D OpenGL surfaces. An extra iPhone channel in only 160 LOC allows mobile betting.

CATS uses Grails plugins for security, mail, and last not least the ULC Plugin, which also contains the Groovy ULC Builder that allows programming ULC analogous to the Groovy SwingBuilder.

You can connect to the live running application(german) or download the full source code or have a look at the gallery of screenshots.

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