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The Groovy development team is very pleased to announce the joint release of Groovy 1.6.6 and Groovy 1.7-RC-1.

Groovy 1.6.6 is the latest official stable release, which incorporates several bug fixes and minor enhancements.
You can have a more detailed overview of the fixes on the JIRA release notes.

Groovy 1.7-RC-1 is the first Release Candidate towards the final version of Groovy 1.7.
To know more about the various bug fixes and enhancements, please have a look at the JIRA release notes.
To highlight just a few enhancements:

  • The remaining issues with the GroovyServletEngine rewrite and its usage in Groovlets and Templates should now all be cleared
  • A few adjustments to our enum and inner classes support (including stub generation for inner classes)
  • Better support of @Grape in the Groovy Console
  • MissingMethodException/MissingPropertyException now suggests some possible typos should you receive such an exception, by suggesting existing methods or properties whose name is close to the one that triggered the exception
  • The line numbers appear properly in the Groovy Console
  • Some encoding issues have been fixed with regards to loading Groovy scripts and classes through GroovyShell, GroovyCodeSource and friends (for instance, the problem could be seen on the Groovy Web Console in prior versions)
  • A new output visualization mode is available for the Groovy Console, showing the output in an external window instead of in the bottom output pane.
  • Ability to specify a Grape resolver to indicate where Grapes can be downloaded from, for example @GrabResolver(name='', root='') @Grab(group='org.restlet', module='org.restlet', version='1.1.6')

Let me remind you about our draft release notes for the 1.7 final release covering the big lines:
Some updates were made to the document for this release, and some final additions will be added shortly.

Download Groovy 1.6.6 and 1.7-RC-1.

Thanks a lot to all involved in those two releases!
We're looking forward to your feedback, especially for the upcoming Groovy 1.7 final release. This is now your change to drive test the release candidates in your projects, to see if there's any regression or critical issue.
Depending on issues reported, 1.7-RC-1 may potentially be the sole release candidate. We're aiming at a release date for the final version of Groovy 1.7 before Christmas, so you can play with your new geek toy during the break!


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