Blog from September, 2011

Groovy completed successfully its move to the Git SCM this summer, thanks to Matthew McCullough's help.
For helping everybody get up-to-speed with Git, I've added a page about Git on our wiki.

We now have a "groovy" organization on GitHub:

Our three main branches have been pushed there: master, GROOVY_1_8_X and GROOVY_1_7_X.

The GitHub repository serves as a mirror, and the Groovy despots will be able to regularly (manually for now) push the latest changes to GitHub, and deal with pull requests and such.

The Groovy website now features a new skin. Make sure to check it out.

In the coming months, we'll work on overhauling the documentation and the website, it's going to be a lot of work and will take a lot of time.
We'll work with a web designer to continue improving the look'n feel of the website, to make it look more profesionnal. We'll try to better organize the information so that it's even easier to search. And we'll look at the 1200 pages worth of documentation to update it where needed, to cover existing holes, etc.

This is with great pleasure that the Groovy development team announces the joint releases of Groovy 1.8.2 and 1.9-beta-3.

The big highlight of this release is the completion of the primitive type arithmetics performance optimizations. Microbenchmarks affictionados should be happy, and those wanting to do some number crunching should see better results with these improvements. Other than that, those two releases are essentially about bug fixes.

You can have a look at the release notes here:

And you can download Groovy 1.8.2 and 1.9-beta-3 on the download page:

In other news, thanks to Git expert Matthew McCullough, we completed our complex migration to Git.
You can learn about the details to access and clone the Git repo here:
Later on, we'll also provide a mirror on GitHub.

Small remark on the new beta of the 1.9 branch: due to a glitch a beta-2 was accidentally released in sync'ed with Maven Central, so we bumped the beta number to 3, rather than sticking with 2, as Central won't allow us to override an existing version.

Thank you everybody for your feedback and contributions to those two releases.