Blog from September, 2012

Groovy 2.0.4 released
The Groovy development team's just released Groovy 2.0.4, a bug fix for our Groovy 2.0 branch.
It fixes some important issues we've had with generics with the stub generator, as well as several fixes related to the static type checking and static compilation features. We also worked on the recompilation issues with the GroovyScriptEngine.
You can download Groovy 2.0.4 here:
The artifacts are not yet on Maven Central, but will shortly.
Also, the online JavaDoc and GroovyDoc are still being uploaded as I write this, but will hopefully be online in a few hours.
You can have a look at the issues fixed in this release on JIRA:
If you're curious why we've jumped from 2.0.2 to 2.0.4, skipping 2.0.3, it's because of some issues with the release of 2.0.3 which I had mistakenly built with JDK 6 instead of JDK 7, which ruled out all our invoke dynamic support. So we quickly moved to 2.0.4.
We'll certainly also release a 1.8.9 soon, especially for the stub generator fixes which might be useful for those affected with the issues we've fixed.
This is with great pleasure that the Groovy development team announces the releases of Groovy 2.0.2 and Groovy 1.8.8

Those two releases are essentially just bug fix releases, with only minor improvements. In particular, work has been done in the area of the static type checker and static compilation, in the GroovyScriptEngine, as well as further performance improvements for the "invoke dynamic" support as well as plain Groovy. We also upgraded the version of GPars of the distribution to use the newly released 1.0-beta-3.
For the details of both releases, please have a look at the JIRA changelog here: for Groovy 2.0.2:, and for Groovy 1.8.8:

As usual, you can download Groovy in our download area:
Thanks a lot to all those who contributed to those releases.

I'd also like to seize this opportunity to highlight our contribution page, to those who are interested in contributing to Groovy

Going forward, we're going to propose a list of JIRA issues you might have a look at, if you want to get started working on the Groovy project:

And on the contribution page mentioned above, at the bottom of the page, we feature a table containing wider goals or side projects that you might be interested in contributing to. 

So don't hesitate to come back to us with ideas or with questions regarding those possible areas of contributions, and we'll gladly welcome your help!