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One aspect of Groovy ( and Ruby, Python , etc ) I really like is the combination of closures and support for them in the Groovy DK .

As an example, consider iterating through every line in a text file :


Very elegant and easy on the old eyes.


Oh dear.

Java with some help

and the supporting code :


Apologies for my C#, I have not been writing it for very long...

No need to escape path string is nice

C# 2.0 with some help

With C# 2.0 and the 2.0 .NET framework the addition of anonymous delegates we can produce a very concise and readable solution

similar in elegance to the Groovy one.

This depends on the following utility class

Groovinating C#

You will notice that I have started implementing the Groovy DK set of collection iterators (each, findAll, find , etc ) for C# 2.0.

I do wish Microsoft and Sun would have built this kind of simplicity in....

There are 2 possible approaches to the Collections :

  1. Subclass and add the grooviness
  2. Add the grooviness as a set statci methods you plass the collection to

Here is some perlimenary code and tests of both types.
This subclasses List<T> and adds the groovination, and offers the same support ina static class

C# 2.0 Code

Some Usage Examples

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