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  • Default table with headerVisible, showLines, etc.
  • Support for NatTable
  • Support for glazedLists

? In SwtBuilder eg. the button can have children (like onEvent, gridLayout, image).
  In SwingBuilder they can not: everything is attributes. Should this be changed?
? Any need for CustomSwingBuilder?

? TableTree, TableTreeItem are deprecated - should they be removed?


  • Updated to Eclipse 3.5 libraries.


  • bind with closures. If you bind with a closure it is like a ComputedValue which only gives you one-way binding.
  • menu as a subnode to menuitem should automatically set the
  • Added a Bindable and WritableList that can be used from several threads but only fires events in the right realm.
  • Using system colors (foreground: 'BLUE') for color attributes.
  • Change the license to Apache as the rest of groovy.
  • Upgraded to Eclipse 3.5M7


  • Added initial databinding support
  • Shortened the onEvent(). Instead of

  you can use

  • Added StackLayout
  • Added InputDialog
  • Added ErrorDialog
  • Added MessageDialog
  • Added MessageDialogWithToggle
  • Added an id attribute
  • Changed list() to use default styles: SWT.V_SCROLL | SWT.BORDER
  • Added a subclass of the Shell and added a method doMainloop() to do all the repetitive:


  • Updated gmaven
  • Updated to Eclipse 3.4
  • Changed swt/jface builders to groovy
  • Added the id attribute
  • Change builders to support FactoryBuilderSupport to be able to   use SWT in Griffon.
  • Deleted the ApplicationGuiBuilder in groovy.swt.guibuilder. This was marked as "WORK IN PROGRESS, don't use this one yet" in 2004,   so I don't suppose anyone was using it.
  • Delete the get/setCurrent methods from the builders. Was only used by the GuiBuilders. 
  • Fixed a bug:

    fillLayout ( type:"vertical" )
  never worked. Strings are now matched against SWT constants if relevant.

  • Included the MigLayout in the SwtBuilder
  • Make 'text' default attribute if a text is given without attribute. You can now use

      label('label text')
  instead of
    label(text:'label text')

  • Using SwingBuilder inside a SWT application is working again.



  • updated to maven2
  • added automatic download of eclipse libraries
  • added support for RadioGroupFieldEditor (used in Preferences)
  • added support for StyledText
  • Fixed a bug in WizardDialog
  • swt.Dialog is abstract
  • Fixed a bug using cascading MenuManagers
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