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Larger examples of using Groovy in the Wild with a focus on applications or tasks rather than just showing off the features, APIs or modules:

Additional real-world example for the German readers:

A HTTP POST & GET Helper Class for Groovy

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Page: Accessing SQLServer using groovy Page: Alternate Spring-Groovy-Integration Page: Auto setup and download dependencies jars Page: Batch Image Manipulation Page: Calculating a SHA1 hash for large files Page: command line groovy doc or methods lookup Page: Compute distance from Google Earth Path (in .kml file) Page: Concurrency with Groovy Page: Convert SQL Result To XML Page: Embedded Derby DB examples Page: Embedding a Groovy Console in a Java Server Application Page: Executing External Processes From Groovy Page: Expect for Groovy Page: Formatting simple tabular text data Page: Greedy Coin Changer in Groovy Page: Groovy Alternatives to Inner Classes Page: Groovy as script Page: Guy Steele's word split example using Groovy and GPars Page: How many Triangles (list, regex, grep) example Page: Installing or Update Groovy Automatically Page: InstallTextMateGroovyBundle Page: Integrating Groovy in an application - a success story Page: Iterator Tricks Page: Martin Fowler's closure examples in Groovy Page: Other Examples Page: Parsing Groovy Doc Online Page: Plotting graphs with JFreeChart Page: PoorMansMixins Page: Reading Files Line by Line Page: Reading from a Blob Page: Recipes For File Page: Regex search for a class in the JVM runtime classpath Page: Search one or more jar files for a specified file or directory Page: Simple file download from URL Page: Solving Sudoku Page: StreamingMarkupBuilder and IMAP client example Page: SwingBuilder with custom widgets and observer pattern Page: Tomcat tools Page: Unsign Jar Files (Recursively) Page: Using Groovy with Boost Page: Using Hibernate with Groovy Page: Using JGoodies Animation with Groovy Page: Using JScience with Groovy Page: Using MarkupBuilder for Agile XML creation Page: Using Regex Patterns to find word phone numbers Page: Using the Delegating Meta Class Page: Using the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Page: Using the Eclipse UML2 Framework Page: Using the Proxy Meta Class Page: Windows Look And Feel for groovyConsole Page: WrappingGroovyScript Page: Writing to a Blob Page: Yaml and Groovy Page: Zip / unzip + base64 encode String values

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  1. Hi there,

    Yesterday I came across this pearl, while trying to find a solution to my Groovy problem

    (PLEAC - Programming Language Examples Alike Cookbook)

    Something to mention on this Cookbook page?