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At the start of May 2009 we announced we were working on a new approach to joint compilation for mixed Java/Groovy projects in Eclipse. We are pleased to now announce the final release of Groovy-Eclipse v2.0.0, based on that new technology. During the months of development we have rebased (and almost entirely rewritten) version 1 of the Groovy-Eclipse plugin, with the goal of offering first class Groovy support in the Eclipse IDE, comparable to the experience Java developers have in Eclipse. The driving themes for version 2.0.0 have always been to optimize around the common developer actions of editing, building, running and testing code:

  • Edit We have an advanced inferencing engine and extensible content assist enabling us to provide highly accurate contextual aware editor suggestions. Task tags, javadoc hovers and even cross-language refactoring is also supported.
  • Build As well as a 'stub-less' incremental joint compilation process, we use a modified groovy parser that is more recoverable than the standard parser - enabling us to be more stable in the face of partially correct code.
  • Run Launching (and debugging) of applications or scripts is supported - even for code using transforms such as @Grab
  • Test The plugin fully integrates with the JUnit support available in Eclipse.

More information on all these features can be found in the New and Noteworthy for the milestones and release candidates leading up to this release:

Groovy-Eclipse update site


To install 2.0.0 into Eclipse 3.5, you can update from the milestone update site you may already be using or define the following release URL to your Eclipse update manager:

What's next?

Some of the features we will be working on in the near term:

  • Eclipse 3.6 support
  • Better debugging experience
  • Simpler user extensible content assist
  • Picking up the latest Groovy 1.6/1.7 and later compiler versions

You can find more details on the Groovy-Eclipse Roadmap, where you can comment on proposed features and see our release schedule.

We appreciate all the community support and feedback we have had through the version 2.0.0 development cycle. If you wish to join the discussion about Groovy-Eclipse then please sign up for the mailing list. For any issues you have (or enhancements you'd like to see), please raise them in our issue tracker.

Issues fixed since Groovy-Eclipse 1.5.7

Groovy-Eclipse 1.5.7 was the last public release and since then over 380 bugs have been fixed in the run-up to version 2:

com.atlassian.confluence.macro.MacroExecutionException: The URL filter is not available to you, perhaps it has been deleted or had its permissions changed

If the above doesn't show for you, go directly to the jira issue tracker.

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