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JetBrains, the makers of IntelliJ IDEA, are continually working on improving support for Groovy, Grails, Griffon, Gradle as well as other GR8 technologies. Check out the latest news and tips and tricks at the JetBrains DZone or the IntelliJ IDEA blog. Consider also watching some of the practical screencasts.

Download & Installation 

Groovy support comes bundled with IntelliJ IDEA since version 8.

For IntelliJ IDEA version 7 you need to install the plugin via the IDEA plugin manager (you can find it listed as "JetGroovy"). After installing the plugin via the plugin manager, you will have to restart idea and then configure the plugin via the settings panel so that the plugin knows where to find your Groovy and (optionally) Grails installation directories.


The Groovy support in IntelliJ IDEA provides a rich set of features for development with Groovy, Grails, Gradle, Griffon or GAnt. Here, we're listing the main features, but you can find out more on JetGroovy Groovy features page and the JetGroovy Grails features page.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Error highlighting
    o Unresolved classes marked as errors
    o Unresolved unqualified properties marked as warnings
    o Incompatible types assignments marked as warnings
    o Inapplicable method calls marked as warnings
  • Code folding
  • Code formatter
  • Comments and "To Do" view support
  • "add missing import" intention
  • Various refactorings
    • move, rename variables, etc

Execution, Debugging & Compilation

  • Debugging support (setting breakpoints, view stack)
  • GDK configuration
  • Grails configuration
  • Run configuration for Groovy scripts
  • Make or rebuild java+groovy project entire

Code Completion

  • context sensitive keyword completion
  • Completion of methods, fields, classes
    o Completion makes use of type inference
    o Default methods completed
    o Swing builder methods are completed, swing properties are completed in method argument list
  • Resolve
    o Resolve groovy to groovy classes, methods, fields
    o Resolve groovy to java classes, methods, fields
    o Resolve java to groovy classes, methods, fields

Surround with (Alt+Ctrl+T)

  • if () {} / else {}
  • while () {}
  • try / catch / finally
  • closure {}
  • (Type) expr

Introduce variable (Alt+Ctrl+V)

  • Introduce variable
  • Offer the default type and variable name

Structure view


  • classes
  • methods
  • fields
    found in groovy file

File structure (Ctrl+F12)

  • The popup window contains classes, methods, fields.

Find usage (Alt+F7)

  • Implements groovy classes search

Class search (Ctrl+N)

  • Searches class by prefix of class groovy name


  • Grails SDK configuration
  • Grails controller, view, domain class, job, script, service, taglib creation
  • Grails generators are built in; output to console

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