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This page contains references to articles by James Strachan on Groovy, if you spot any more online please add to this page using the 'edit' link at the bottom right of this page, thanks.

2 Jul 2005
Adding dependency injection to groovy - followup (1) (2) (3)
Groovy injection via 'new'

3 May 2005
Support Complex Number Calculation
Things we won't do for 1.0

15 Apr 2005
Is this deemed consistent?
Optional parenthesis

8 Apr 2005
Re: proposed rule: no assignments to literals
Groovy should not allow assignments to literals

8 Apr 2005
Re: Eunumeration Type - followup (1) (2)
Groovy 1.0 should include Java 5 style enumerations
(and as an aside in follow up 1) Groovy 1.0 should not depend on the Java 5.0 runtime

5 Apr 2005
Strings: Regular Expression Patterns
New Regular Expression Literal Syntax /foo.*/

31 Mar 2005
Some enhanced methods for collection
Method name conventions asFoo and toFoo

23 Feb 2005
Support of Java style arrays; or using Groovy arrays?
Explicit Coercions

2 Feb 2005
Using annotations instead of a keyword for bean properties
minor variants of @Property

31 Jan 2005
Thoughts on closure/return/break/continue
Return rules
No dumb expression rule
Terminating a closure expression early

15 Dec 2004
Javapolis 2004 - Pragmatic Groovy (video)
Practical uses of Groovy

11 Nov 2004
Keynote Transcript (Slides) (mp3)
Overall vision for Groovy

14 Jul 2004
Use special syntax for method pointers?
mandatory parenthesis
method pointers

29 Jun 2004
JavaOne 2004 Presentation
What Groovy can do for you

Aug 2003
CodehausOne 2003 Presentation
Early ideas

To Be Sorted...

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