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This FAQ hopes to answer common questions for users of Groovy

What is Groovy?

  • Groovy is trying to provide a high level language (like Ruby, Python or Dylan) that maps cleanly to Java bytecode.
  • It needs to work with Java objects, and the root of all the object trees is java.lang.Object.
  • The syntax will be Java friendly, but doesn't have to be backwards compatible.
  • Groovy will sit on top of J2SE.

Where can I get more information on Groovy?

The current user documentation for Groovy is available from

What if the documentation is wrong?

Anybody can change these pages, just click on the little Edit link on the right of each page (you then have to signup/login if you haven't already).

How can I get a binary version of Groovy?

Download latest distribution as a zip or tgz file and then follow the installation instructions

How do I embed Groovy in my own programs?

Download latest groovy-all.jar and place it in your classpath.

How can I grab the sources?


See Building Groovy from Source.

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