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Groovy supports the usual while {...} loops like Java.

for loop

The for loop in Groovy is much simpler and works with any kind of array, collection, Map etc.
Note: you can also use the standard Java / C for loop if you wish.


In addition, you can use closures in place of most for loops, using each() and eachWithIndex():

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  1. It seems to me that the following looping syntax should work, but the Groovy Eclipse editor v1.0.1.20070706 complains that the "def" is not valid.

    for (def number in [1,2,3]) {
        println number

    I can lexicalize the iterator with an each(), but it seems that for() should support that too since it is a very common idiom in other languages.

  2. What happened to the do-while loop?

  3. From :
    Due to ambiguity, we've not yet added support for do .. while to Groovy