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New web page mockup

New logos in "grails" spirit


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  1. Simple but effective. In order to be a tool, it needs to be. I would suggest having an additional section for use cases. This would be not so much of a reference but a research tool for those looking at Groovy for the first time. I guess regular users could benefit too by seeing other uses they had not previously thought of. Either way, a use case section with a handful of scenarios would get people's wheels spinning as they visit the site. In fact, the various module builders could each write their own submission and the main page could rotate through!

    One more thought, I think the ads should be visually separated a little more from the content. The distinction between content and advertisement ought to be immediate, and I think the subtitle "Experience agile dynamic programming with Groovy" isn't separated enough from the ads. Perhaps make it centered on the left  (main) column instead on the whole page?

     Anyway, there are my two cents. I love the logos, btw! Definitely the groovy 70s thing going (smile)