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Groovy supports regular expressions natively using the ~String (e.g. ~/foo/) expression, which creates a compiled Java Pattern object from the given pattern string. Groovy also supports the =~ (create Matcher) and ==~ (returns boolean, whether String matches the pattern) operators.

For matchers having groups, matcher[index] is either a matched String or a List of matched group Strings.

Since a Matcher coerces to a boolean by calling its find method, the =~ operator is consistent with the simple use of Perl's =~ operator, when it appears as a predicate (in 'if', 'while', etc.). The "stricter-looking" ==~ operator requires an exact match of the whole subject string. It returns a Boolean, not a Matcher.

Regular expression support is imported from Java. Java's regular expression language and API is documented here in the Pattern JavaDocs.

More Examples

Goal: Capitalize words at the beginning of each line:

Goal: Capitalize every word in a string:

Add .toLowerCase() to make the rest of the words lowercase


How to use backreferences with String.replaceAll()

GStrings do not work as you'd expect:

Produces an error like the following:

[] illegal string body character after dollar sign:
solution: either escape a literal dollar sign "\$5" or bracket the value expression "${5}" @ line []


Use ' or / to delimit the replacement string:

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  1. An easier way to uppercase all of the first letters. 

    N.B an authentic title case skips prepositions.

    Why use


    This does the same thing more simply (because we can assume that it.size>0)

  2. Was trying out some of the above code:

    // lets create a Matcher
    def matcher = "cheesecheese" =~ /cheese/
    assert matcher instanceof Matcher

    The assertion statement is always true, no matter what the string or the pattern is set to.

    E.g., this works too
    // lets create a Matcher
    def matcher = "nothing" =~ /cheese/
    assert matcher instanceof Matcher

    Maybe this is the point of the assertion to show that a Matcher is automatically create behind the scenes based on the statement?