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Steps to setup development environment for Groovy core:

  1. Install JDK 1.4.2 or above (e.g. Sun JDK 5.0 version 1.5.0_06):
    • JDK is available on
    • Remember to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable after installation.
    • (Optional) Add JAVA_HOME/bin to PATH for executing Java commands.
  2. If you want to use Eclipse then install Eclipse 3.1 or above (e.g. Eclipse 3.2):
  3. If you want to build from the command line the install Ant 1.7 (possibly works with 1.6.5 but this is not properly tested):
  4. Extract groovy source, either:
    • If using Eclipse:
      • Decide where your workspace is (will be reference later), switch to the Git perspective. If you are not familiar with Eclipse, in menu Help -> Welcome may help you a lot.
      • Browse Git to know Git information to checkout sources.
      • Create a new repository, extract groovy source (the folder groovy-core. You can extract it as project name groovy)
    • If not using Eclipse then from command line: svn co
  5. Build groovy source
    • For command line builds, simply go to the groovy-core directory you extracted, execute "ant" in command line, make sure the build success, browse groovy/target/test-reports if you got JUnit test fails.
  6. Done!
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  1. I should greatly appreciate it if you could provide a more precise description as to how to set up Eclipse 3.3.2 or Eclipse 3.4 to do Groovy programming. In Step 5 above, your description under For Eclipse is still TBA. I am looking foreward to reading your further details. Thanks.