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We understand that you can't work on your GSoC project 24x7; and a level of absenteeism will be tolerated.

However you must follow these rules; or; as always; we will have your project terminated or handed over to a backup student.

  • Absences must be communicated with your mentor
  • You must file Status Updates in advance if you're going to be out of range of the internet
  • If you are hospitalised from a biking accident and you don't get information about this to us, we will potentially terminate your project (you're a contract worker unfortunately; you don't get paid for nothing). We will however followup with Google to ensure this doesn't jeopardise future work for you.

Absences / non-delivery periods of more than 7 days will require approval at the initial application stage

Why we're so picky

We've been burned before. Students disappearing for weeks on end; completely unreachable.

We consider you to be contract employees - even though Google is paying. In the contract world, non-delivery is unacceptable (unless it's for the government; or the Welsh development council).

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