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If you find any of the below proposals interesting and are thinking about submitting a proposal for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2013, please consider doing one of the following things first:

- Subscribe to the Castor dev mailing list, and make yourself heard, e.g. introduce yourself, talk about your ideas, engage with the committers, etc.

- Have a look at the Castor sources (via SVN), identify code relevant to the proposal you are interested in and show us your ideas by the means of a patch. This does by no means imply that you have to provide us with a full solution. At this stage, we are looking for a kinf of proof that you have familiarized yourself with the code base.

- Provide us with test case(s) that highlight your understanding of relevant functional parts of Castor XML.

As a result of our mentor experience from 2009 and 2011, it will be very unlikely that we accept any proposal where the submitter has not engaged with us before.

Castor XML related projects

On Castor XML we are currently working to introduce STaX as additional XML parsing technology. Below packages can be seen as separate units of works that can and shall be designed and developed individually.


Annotations for Castor XML mapping


Java, XML, Annotations


Currently Castor XML uses an XML-based mapping file to specify the XML data binding contract. The idea of this project is add support for XML specific annotations throughout the framework so that these can used as a full replacement for mapping files. On a high level, this involves defining a set of annotations, implementing the annotation processing and integrate the output of this processing with Castor XML so that class resolution has a knowledge about this new source of binding infromation.

RequirementsSome level of proficency with Java, XML data binding frameworks and annotation usage.


Werner Guttmann (wguttmn AT codehaus DOT org)

More project ideas probably will be added soon.