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We don't want to give you/your mentors any easy excuse for failure. The best way to prevent this is to have regular updates so that missing students / missing mentors / blockers can be detected early on.

If these updates seem onerous; then don't apply to Codehaus. Our mentors successfully manage offsite developers using these kind of updates.


Status updates should be sent on Monday (I don't care when on Monday, as long as it's still Monday somewhere in the world).


We want an email sent to the list (if you have subscription issues then send it to and we'll get that sorted for you).


Subject: <Codehaus Project> <Subproject> status update <date of the Monday>


  • What you've completed in the last week
  • What you're working on for the next week (7 days)
  • Are there any blockers (infrastructure, mentors, holidays, assistance)


You will send a status update.

It is ok to send a status update saying - "I'm going on a cruise holiday for 2 weeks". See Absences for information on our policy surrounding absences.


If there is anything embarassing or otherwise, then please discuss with your mentor.

This is opensource, your progress will interest more than just your mentor - hence the posting to public lists.

Your mentor may request you cross-post your status reports to project lists; if they don't request this; then it will be at your discretion.

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