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  • What is your preferred email address for contact
  • Where are you located (we aim to match up timezones for mentors)


  • What you're studying
  • How much time you realistically think you'll be able to spend on the SoC per week.
  • What period (morning, afternoon, night) of the day will you be working (this is so we can match up mentors who will be working at the same time as you)
  • What you hope to gain from the project
  • Have you read The Rules? Are you happy to abide by them?


  • Example applications
  • Example designs (eg. L&F updates you have done).


  1. The project you're interested in (include a link). While we prefer projects that we have suggested, you are welcome to suggest a new project here.
  2. What you hope to bring to the project
  3. What you would hope to achieve
    1. a draft schedule what you want to do at which time
    2. describe the task with your own
    3. describe where you expect problems or are time-consuming
    4. add own ideas or improvements you like to address
  4. Relevant background experience
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  1. Add notes about "scratch your own itch" - aka why do you want to do this project; how would you use it in some side project you're already doing.