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  • [GUMTREE-936] - New instrument control panel along with sidebar
  • [GUMTREE-1043] - Send SICS tree view to specific perspective
  • [GUMTREE-1047] - Jython scripting engine slows down after long time service
  • [GUMTREE-1067] - Escape curly brackets for SICS 3.0
  • [GUMTREE-1068] - Soap service thread being killed by exceptions


  • [GUMTREE-333] - Use UDP port to interrupt SICS
  • [GUMTREE-755] - Provide a more apparent way of showing errors in the SICS validator
  • [GUMTREE-984] - Improve the fitting routine.
  • [GUMTREE-987] - Provide time estimation feature to Gumtree server
  • [GUMTREE-1064] - Adapt Kookaburra reduction script to use the automatical UI feature
  • [GUMTREE-1069] - Remove SCAN channel from SICS proxy
  • [GUMTREE-1074] - Add rocking options to table scan

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