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  • [GUMTREE-1071] - Taipan live Griffiti export scripts missed some HDF files
  • [GUMTREE-1075] - Reduction script: axis name was changed by the runscan command
  • [GUMTREE-1082] - Quokka sample stage load position not reachable


  • [GUMTREE-583] - Customise the welcome screen for Echidna
  • [GUMTREE-1065] - Automatically load sample environment components in the side bar
  • [GUMTREE-1073] - Make script to align virtual samphi
  • [GUMTREE-1077] - Keep 24 hours of log in the batch buffer logging area.
  • [GUMTREE-1086] - change to total x-t plot in pelican web server page

New Feature

  • [GUMTREE-949] - Show count rates in the dial plot of the side bar
  • [GUMTREE-1072] - Make scan script for rotating sample holder of Quokka
  • [GUMTREE-1083] - Intensity export for Kowari data reduction


  • [GUMTREE-478] - Set total_x option as default in the histogram plot in dashboard
  • [GUMTREE-517] - Adapt GumTree to the Nagios Monitoring System via JMX
  • [GUMTREE-1080] - Deploy Gumtree on Bilby
  • [GUMTREE-1085] - Fix pydev repository for V1.7


  • [GUMTREE-330] - Test hipadaba and NeXus structure on new versions of SICS
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